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DIY Radon Test Kits

You're in the right place! Homeowners trust National Radon Defense with all of their radon testing and mitigation needs. Our home radon test kits are both accurate and easy to use. You will be sure to get accurate results and peace of mind when you are using our products and services!

Radon Test Kits - Home and Business

National Radon Defense (NRD) offers easy to use and extremely accurate home radon test kits. Whether you're looking for a short term radon test to provide immediate results, or you're looking for the extensive report of a long term radon test kit-- NRD has the kit for you!

Why is radon testing so important anyway? Well, no person can actually detect radon using human senses. That's right; you can't see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, or smell it! So, a building could be inundated with radon gas and no one would even know, but our radon test kits sure would!

Radon testing in Essex home

Peace of mind. Know your home is protected with expert radon testing.

Our professional radon gas test kits enable a professional type radon analysis of your home or business. Radon levels are intermittent from day to day due to changes in weather, soil conditions, encapsulation, wind, and more. This is why even the short term test kits will remain in your home for a few days. The results become more precise and reliable if there's more data to evaluate and average out.

Even if you've already performed a radon test in the past, most radon experts recommend performing a followup test-- we believe it's important to remain on top of each building's radon status.

If you're ready for a radon mitigation estimate be sure to contact us today.

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