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Minnesota Updates Radon Regulations in State Building Code

Wednesday, June 17th

The state of Minnesota first adopted specifications on how to construct radon resistant buildings in 2009, and they recently updated the regulations in the State Building Code. According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, the latest updates are in regards to the difference between and active and passive radon mitigation system.

Active radon mitigation have fans, while passive systems do not. While quality radon mitigation contractors like the members of the National Radon Defense have always followed these rules, they are now official in Minnesota.

First, the fan must suck out from under the house without the potential for leaks into the home. The fan itself and any portions of pipe under positive pressure cannot be located inside the conditioned space of the home.

Second, a monitoring device must be installed to ensure the system is functioning properly. A manometer is a common testing device that consists of a U-shaped tube of colored liquid with a flexible plastic tube running into the vent. When suction moves the liquid, you know the fan is working.

Third, a switch light and outlet must be installed near the radon mitigation system. These ensure that proper lighting and electricity will be available.

All in all, these are not major changes, but they do demonstrate a positive commitment to radon resistant construction. Learn more about radon mitigation and what the National Radon Defense network can do for your home.