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Woods Basement Systems is an experienced home improvement specialist that is adding radon mitigation in Missouri and Illinois to its arsenal against household issues.

As an expert in radon mitigation, Woods wants to help every homeowner in MO and IL to live in a home with healthy levels of radon. The Environmental Protection Agency has defined an action level at and above 4.0 picocuries per liter.

Radon is an invisible gas that is become the number one cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. Since you can not identify it by using any of your senses, a fully trained specialist at Woods can come and inspect your home and test its radon levels.

Sometimes there are a few repairs that can be made to reduce your home's radon levels, and Woods will be sure to help you understand the necessary ways to not just reduce but maintain your home's indoor air quality.

Radon mitigation is the one way that your home will once again be safe. Since every home is different, Woods will have to create a unique system to properly mitigate your home.

Woods Basement Systems is also a basement finishing, basement waterproofing, crawl space sealing, and residential/commercial foundation repair expert. As a family-owned business, you can trust these experts have your best interest in mind. Contact them today for radon mitigation in Missouri or Illinois.

Woods Basement Systems proudly serves Columbia, St. Louis, Champaign, Belleville, Alton, Jefferson City, and areas nearby in IL as well as MO.

By Allan S.
"I am very satisfied! Well done! I now feel confident that my crawlspace is dry."
By Tim K.
"The service was excellent, but it's not something I can afford."
Central Christian Church
Decatur, IL
We were amazed at the knowledge and service, crew was top of the line professional. They provided "BEYOND WOW SERVICE!"
John and Sharon S.
O'Fallon, IL
Fixing it right
Michelle and Brock W.
Glen Carbon, IL
We are repeat customers and we are continously satisfied with all work performed.
Woods Basement Systems Before & After
  • Waterguard Installation in Ridge Farm, IL
    Waterguard Installation in Ridge Farm, IL

    Waterguard Installation in Ridge Farm, IL

    David G. of Ridge Farm, Illinois discovered that his home's basement was holding water after heavy rain showers. He did not want to have to continuously pump out the water, so he called Woods Basement Systems for assistance.

    Design specialist Gregory B. assessed the situation and decided that the best option was to install a TripleSafe sump pump and a Waterguard drainage system. Foreman Mason S. then headed to the home to get the job started. 

    The Waterguard drainage system, pictured above, was placed above the footing of the basement. It collects any water coming up from the ground before it reaches the basement surface. It then drains the water to the sump pump.

    David G. no longer has to worry about water entering his home's basement. He now has a dry and waterproof home.

  • Reactive Waterproofing Project with TripleSafe & WaterGuard in Georgetown, IL
    Reactive Waterproofing Project with TripleSafe & WaterGuard in Georgetown, IL

    Reactive Waterproofing Project with TripleSafe & WaterGuard in Georgetown, IL

    After the snow melted outside, this basement experienced water leaks inside. Without any means of waterproofing inside, water damaged developed on the floor and walls. Team Woods provided protection by installing a new TripleSafe sump pump system with WaterGuard drains to keep water out of the basement for good. 

  • Westville, IL Sump Pump Replacement
    Westville, IL Sump Pump Replacement

    Westville, IL Sump Pump Replacement

    This Westville, Illinois sump pump was outdated and inefficient. Woods Basement Systems installed a new sump pump with a battery backup. The battery backup means that even if the power goes out during a storm the sump pump will continue to run and keep water from filling the basement. Woods Basement Systems also offers several other waterproofing options to ensure that water nevers makes it inside the home.

  • WaterGuard Installation in Alvin, IL Home
    WaterGuard Installation in Alvin, IL Home

    WaterGuard Installation in Alvin, IL Home

    This homeowner was concerned about poor drainage causing water damage in their home. Design Specialist Greg B. from Woods Basement Systems inspected the area and recommended the ideal solution for their waterproofing problems.

    Foreman Josh B. and his team installed WaterGuard drains to remove water from the home. WaterGuard is a French drain system that's installed under the floor slab for effective drainage without clogs or an unsightly appearance.

Top 10 Radon Mitigation Contractors

Top 10 Radon Mitigation Contractors

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