Armando Franco

Woods Basement Systems

Title: Customer Care Lead - Service

Hometown: Belleville, IL

Armando Franco from Woods Basement Systems

Fiancé: Tabitha

Child: Dominic

Pets: Jules (a Doxen mix) 

Armando joined Team Woods in August 2016 as a Customer Care Representative, and in Spring of 2017, he moved into a leadership role as Customer Care Lead-Service. Armando has over 10 years of experience in the customer service industry. He takes pride in serving homeowners with the best possible service. Armando truly enjoys helping others and making a difference. His favoirite thing about woking for Woods Basement Systems is the family values the company has.

Armando is a forrmer California resident and has training in theater and voice acting. In his spare time, Armando likes to play board games, read comic books, and go to the theater and Sci-Fi convenctions. One thing you may be surprised to learn about Armando is that he's an aspriring screenwriter with 5 years of experience doing sketch comedy.