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Radon Mitigation in Lake City, MN

Larry V. in Lake City, MN had learned about the dangers of radon gas when he visited our booth at a local home show. One of our Design Specialists, Mac Cole, explained to Larry that radon exposure causes 15% of the world's lung cancer cases and kills more than 20,000 people each year. Larry didn't know that the effects of radon gas exposure could be so detrimental to your health. He set an appointment right away to have his home tested. 

The test results showed that Larry did in fact have high levels of radon in his home. Mac explained the process of installing our radon mitigation system and Larry decided he wanted it to be installed as soon as possible. During the installation process, our crew drilled a hole through the floor in the basement to insert a PVC pipe and create a suction point for the radon gas. Then the gas is vented through the pipe and out of the home. Larry is relieved that he took the necessary steps to make sure his family's health is no longer compromised. 

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Radon Detection and Mitigation in Lake City, MN

Mark K. in Lake City, MN had his home tested for radon. When the results came back with high levels, he gave American Waterworks a call. Our Design Specialist, Kevin Kreofsky, met with Mark and proposed a radon mitigation system unique to his home. 

Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, started the installation process by drilling a hole in the slab foundation of the home and connected a PVC pipe. The radon gas is drawn upward and the pipe guides it to the fan. The fan draws and vents radon safely above and away from the home. Mark is glad he took the necessary steps to protect himself and his family. 

Radon Detection and Mitigation in Oronoco, MN

Heather J. in Oronoco, MN received high results after testing for radon in her home. She was concerned about her health and safety, so she contacted American Waterworks for more information on our Radon Mitigation System. She chose to have our Mitigation System installed as soon as possible. 

Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, installed our radon mitigation system in less than one day! The U-tube manometer indicates the vacuum pressure inside the radon system. This will let you know if the radon fan is working or not. If the tops of the red liquid are equal, the fan may not be working or may have been turned off. The U-tube is designed to indicate that the system is actually on and at what pressure. Only a radon test can indicate the levels of radon. 

Has your house been tested for radon? If not, click here to set up an appointment!

Radon Mitigation in Austin, MN

Gary O. of Austin, MN got his house tested for radon three times, and each test result came back with 5 pCi/L, which is higher than the danger level. He found American Waterworks online, so he did some research on our website and called our office line to schedule a FREE estimate. Our Design Specialist went to Gary's home, answered all of his questions, and drew up a plan for where to install our Radon Mitigation System. Gary was confident in Michel's proposal and our map lay-out, so he followed through with the project and got a date scheduled for the installation.

Our Foreman, Geno, and his crew member, Dakota, began the process by introducing themselves to Gary and his wife and ensured all of their questions were answered. After a clear introduction, our crew got to work and drilled a hole in the basement concrete floor to form a suction point. Next, our team connected PVC piping from the suction point up through the second floor to the attic, where our team installed the Radon Mitigation System. From the system, our crew formed a hole in the ceiling of the attic, leading to the roof, where the radon was able to escape the home. Gary said he had a great experience and provided a testimonial, where you can view HERE

Radon Detection and Mitigation in Red Wing, MN

Dan M. in Red Wing, MN already had our waterproofing system installed in his basement, but when his test results for radon come back high, he contacted us about having a radon mitigation system installed.  The EPA recommends mitigation if the radon levels of a home are at or above 4 pCi/L, and Dan wanted the problem taken care of as soon as possible. 

Our production crew started the installation by creating a suction point through the sump pit for the PVC pipe. Then, they ran the piping up the basement wall, to outside of the home, and up to the roof. We installed a fan in the piping to ensure the radon gas is pushed out and away from the home. Our radon mitigation system is compatible with Dan’s current waterproofing system and was easily installed. The installation only took a couple hours, and Dan’s peace of mind has been restored. 

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