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Radon Detection and Mitigation in Mason City, IA

Louis A. in Mason City, IA previously had some waterproofing work done by American Waterworks and was impressed with the process and the results. After hearing that we also offer radon mitigation, he decided to have his home tested. Unfortunately, the radon levels in his home came back high. The EPA recommends mitigation if the radon levels of a home are at or above 4 pCi/L. Louis wanted to take care of the issue as soon as possible and moved forward with the radon mitigation system proposed to him by our Design Specialist, Dustin Loftus. 

Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, installed the radon mitigation system by creating a suction point through the concrete floor in the basement and inserting a PVC pipe. The pipe runs up the basement wall and out of the home. Then, he installed a fan along the pipe to ensure the radon gas is pushed up and away from the living space. The gas is then expelled from the home above the roof. Louis was impressed with the quick installation, and his glad he took the necessary steps to protect his health! 

Radon Mitigation System in Mason City, IA

Aaron G. of Mason City, IA was interested in radon mitigation, so he did his research and found American Waterworks. Our Design Specialist went to Aaron's home, inspected the layout of his house, and came up with a plan to install the mitigation system. Aaron was confident in our plan so he signed our contract and determined a date for the installation. 

Our Foreman and his crew member started the process by drilling a hole in the concrete floor of the basement, which serves as the suction point. Next, from the floor, our crew connected PVC piping until they got to outside of the home where they installed the mitigation system and its cover. The cover serves as protection and hides the mitigation system. If the mitigation system is not working correctly, then radon is not able to make its way out of the home. From the system, our crew installed more PCV piping alongside the siding until it got to the roof. Aaron was happy with the work that was done and had a great experience! 

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Radon Mitigation System Installed in Mason City, IA

Troy H. of Mason City, IA had radon levels of 5.4 pCi/L, so he got a FREE estimate scheduled with our Design Specialist, Josh. Josh went to Troy's house, inspected his home, and provided a quote for our radon mitigation system and where to install it. Troy was confident in the placement and the price, so he went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Dakota, and his crew member installed our mitigation system from the concrete floor of the perimeter room to the outside of the home so the radon could escape from the house. The purpose of our mitigation system is to pull radon from underneath the home and expose it into the open air. Troy had a wonderful experience and was happy with the installation! 

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Radon Mitigation System Installed in Albert Lea, MN

Sandra N. in Albert Lea, MN had her home tested for radon. When the results came back with high levels, she gave American Waterworks a call. Our Design Specialist, Reed Hudson, developed a plan that was unique to her home. 

Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, started the installation process by drilling a hole in the slab foundation of the home and connected a PVC pipe. The radon gas is drawn upward, and the pipe guides it to the fan. The fan draws and vents radon safely above and away from the home. Sandra is glad she took the necessary steps to protect herself and her family. 

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Radon Mitigation System Installed in Albert Lea, MN

Robert K. of Albert Lea, MN got his home tested for radon and his levels came back at 19.5 pCi/L. The Environmental Protection Agency requests that homes with above 4 pCi/L must take action right away. So, Robert did, and he called American Waterworks to set up an appointment after finding out we provide services for Radon Mitigation. Our Design Specialist, Michel, went to Robert's home and drew up a map and plan to install our Radon Mitigation System. Robert was confident in the price and product, so he went ahead with the installation. 

Our Foreman, Geno, and his crew member started the installation by drilling a hole in the basement concrete floor, forming a suction point. The purpose of doing this is to pull radon out from underneath the home. From there, our team connected PVC piping until they got to the house exterior, where they installed the Radon Mitigation System. The system is the heart of the system. If the system isn't working, then radon is not escaping from the home. From there system, our team connected PVC piping along the siding of the home until they got to the roof, which is where radon escapes into the open air. Robert said our team was clean, they explained everything well, and they were very professional! 

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