Geno Mclain

American Waterworks

Title: Foreman

Hometown: Jamestown, ND

Geno Mclain from American Waterworks

Geno started working at American Waterworks in November of 2019. He worked in masonry for nine years and in electrical, plumbing, and framing for three years, all of which play a huge role in his job here. His day to day on the job consists of a variety of construction and destruction with his crew, and working together as a team at every job site. As a radon Foreman, his main role is installing our radon mitigation systems in customers' homes. His favorite part about working for American Waterworks is completing each and every job at the best of his ability and driving throughout the countryside. 

In Geno's spare time, he likes to take long walks in the woods and spend quality time with his family. We are excited to introduce Geno as part of our production team at American Waterworks!