Cole Kellogg

Radon Defense Midwest

Title: Installation Technician

Cole Kellogg from Radon Defense Midwest

Cole learned his craftsmanship in his time at UPRR, Thrasher, and now learns with National Radon Defense Midwest as a lead technician following in the footsteps of Lance Lichtas. He’s a wonderful asset to our team because of his dedication to efficiency, safety, and caring deeply about our customers that he helps on the daily.

While working toward his Radon Mitigation and Measurement license, Cole hones his craft as he installs mitigation systems, supports diagnoses with existing systems, and eases the minds of our customers by answering questions and addressing their concerns. In the Summer, Cole enjoys fishing, wakeboarding, and campfires with friends and family. Come Fall and Winter, he loves hunting, four wheeling, and snowboarding. Most of all, his favorite thing to do when he’s off the clock is making memories with his son.