Two Pack Radon Test Kit

Two Pack Radon Test Kit

Want to test your home's radon levels by yourself? Buy our radon test kits online! This two pack radon test kit provides a backup test to compare consecutive readings, or to check the status of future radon levels. These professional tests are accurate and reliable.

Our two pack DIY radon test kits are perfect short term way to test the radon in any building. These tests remain in the building for a few days to measure the varrying radon levels. As the levels shift throughout the day due to changes in temperature, wind, encapsulation, soil, moisture, seasonal changes, and more; your test will still be able to provide an accurate average of the radon readings.

Though quick, this short term test will not show a year round average. If you're completely unaware of the building's radon level history, a short term test is a fast and accurate way to know the radon status. With this two pack kit, you can even perform a consecutive trial and compare results for even more accuracy. Looking for year round results? Check out the long term radon test kits.

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