Multi Family Homes

Radon Mitigation & Testing for Multi-Family Homes

National Radon Defense services for multifamily housing:

  • Radon inspection & testing
  • Free Estimates for radon mitigation
  • System design and consulting.
  • Mitigation for existing housing units and new construction.
  • Passive mitigation system activation

New requirements will help protect residents in multifamily homes from cancer-causing radon exposure.

A number of Federal agencies have partnered with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to launch the 2013 Advancing Healthy Housing Strategy. A major part of this healthy home strategy focuses on radon mitigation and radon testing in multifamily buildings, condos and apartments. Effective immediately, multifamily housing that receives HUD financing or re-financing will require radon testing. If the test results show radon concentration above the actionable level of 4 picocuries per liter, a radon mitigation system must be installed in the housing unit to bring down radon concentration to an acceptable level.

Take action today! Contact us today for more information about the new federal regulations for radon mitigation and radon testing in multifamily homes, condos, and apartments. Contact National Radon Defense to locate a radon mitigation and radon testing company in your area.

Radon mitigation and radon testing in multi-family buildings must be supervised by a certified radon professional

A number of radon contractors compete for business in many areas. However, not all radon contractors are certified, licensed professionals. According to the new HUD requirements, radon testing and radon mitigation in multi-family housing must be performed by a licensed, certified radon specialist. This requirement ensures that the most up-to-date industry practices will be used. It also acknowledges the fact that many multifamily residences have large, complex foundations that require extra skill, experience and equipment.

Given the number of people potentially affected by the radon multifamily residences could have, it's important to get the job done right. That's why you'll want to contact a contractor in the National Radon Defense network for all your radon testing and radon mitigation needs in multifamily housing.

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