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Our National Radon Defense Dealers Serving Georgia

3520 Weems Road
Tallahassee, FL 32317
University Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Indoor Environmental Management is Florida's local radon mitigation expert serving the greater Tallahassee area and Valdosta, Thomasville, and Moutrie in Georgia.
701 E South 1st St
Seneca, SC 29678
Massey's Dr. Energy Saver is an authorized National Radon Defense dealer, dedicated to eradicating radon and its harmful risks from your home in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

There's lots of wonderful and unique characteristics that describe Georgia, almost too many to name. But, one that it shares with every other state is the radon gas presence in most homes.

Although you may not be able to detect it with any of your human senses, the radon professionals at National Radon Defense can not only inspect your home's levels, but also provide solutions for maintaining a healthy radon level in your Georgia home.

Although no homeowner wants to increase cancer risks for family members, many people neglect to test their homes for radon, an invisible, odorless, cancer-causing gas that emanates from soil and rocks. Contacting a radon mitigation specialist to perform a radon test, or conducting your own test with a DIY radon test kit is the first step in protecting your family from hazardous levels of radon gas.
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Recent job requests for radon mitigation in GA:

Project Location: Southshore Ct, Roswell, GA 30076

Comment: Our home was built in 1979 and I believe when we had it inspected back in 2013 there was radon detected but a monitor was already installed. I want to just do another check to make sure everything is still good, we also have 2 of our kids living in the basement so it's more of a precaution