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National Radon Defense (NRD) technicians go through extensive training on how to properly install mitigation systems to pull radon from outside and inside the home and expel it outdoors. National Radon Defense dealers are licensed with their respective states to perform radon services. NRD radon mitigation professionals comply with all the radon industry's best practices to ensure the best quality solutions are provided to all our customers.

Select a State Certified Radon Mitigator and/or Radon Mitigation Expert

Choose a qualified radon mitigation contractor to fix your home. You should start by checking with your state radon office, as many states require radon professionals to be licensed, certified, or registered with their state.

National Radon Defense handles this for you. All NRD dealers have trained and certified by us, and we assure that each of our dealers are properly licensed and qualified in their respective states.

Hire a Trained Radon Mitigation Specialist

As it requires special skills and specific technical knowledge to lower high radon levels, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homeowners use a qualified radon mitigation contractor to fix their home. Without the proper knowledge or equipment, you could actually increase radon levels in your home or potentially create other hazards with additional repair costs. When it comes to radon, it's better to use a qualified radon expert.