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Tell Your Friends About Radon

Friday, January 14th by Samantha Walton

Look there's a sale! And, how bout that new Mustang? Sure, the sales save some green and the Mustang is just all around a vehicular work of art, but do we spend enough time raising awareness with health tips and warnings?

Maybe you think everything causes cancer so pick your poison, or perhaps you're a skeptic and need more proof before you tag your name to the next health alert. You believe life shouldn't be experienced with fear so when it comes to the health warnings, you just can't handle talking about them all.

Well, as understandable as each of the above statements may be, they're also the reasons why thousands of people unknowingly live in homes with radon that's slowly killing them.


When we don't share with our friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else for that matter, they may never hear the truth and may die because someone chose not to share. This isn't meant to offend or start a scare, but it's the truth. Just like we will have to face all the other grim facts of life, we have to take the facts and boldly share.


Radon gas exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer amongst nonsmokers killing 21,000 people each year. This toxic gas is virtually unrecognizable and even exposure in small amounts can pollute your body. Unfortunately, lung cancer is the leading killing cancer as well as the least funded cancer. So, for all of those people getting lung cancer from radon, the likelihood of survival is quite minimal.


The good news is that there are radon contractors across the nation helping homeowners like you. These radon mitigation experts come and test your home's radon levels and then provide repairs to your home and install a radon mitigation system so that your home's radon levels are as low as possible.

Radon enters into homes through tiny cracks and crevices and because homes are tightly sealed during the winter, the radon that's already been accumulating in your home is now being trapped.

Contact a radon specialist in your area to learn more about radon and to have your home tested and mitigated. The experts at National Radon Defense care about raising radon awareness all throughout the year and are ecstatic that the Environmental protection Agency has declared January as radon action awareness month.

Spread the word, it could save a life.