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A Life Saving Test That is Only 20 Dollars

Tuesday, February 15th by Tim Snyder

Regular medical checkups are important, along with standard tests to check blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and screen for prostate cancer and diabetes. Doctors and patients alike appreciate the value of detecting potential health risks in advance so that preventative medicine and proper therapies can be applied.

There's one life-saving test that any homeowner can perform without a doctor's appointment. Although it's not covered by health insurance policies, it only costs about $20. If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about the radon test kit that can be used on any house.

What is Radon Exactly?

Radon is a major health hazard just like heart disease, but it's not as immediately lethal as carbon monoxide-- another indoor air pollutant. It is however radioactive, which makes radon take a bit more time to damage human tissue making it the leading cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. Every year, radon exposure causes an estimated 21,000 deaths in the U.S.

Not only is radon a major health hazard, it's also nearly impossible to detect without a tester and its home-specific meaning the radon levels within your neighbors' homes have no bearing on the exposure levels that might be existing in your own house. That's why living in a house and not knowing its radon levels is similar to playing Russian roulette-- you've got no idea to what degree you're being exposed to this invisible, odorless, toxic gas. All this stress being put on your mind and body can be prevented, you just need to have your house tested for radon.

Radon Testing

Yes, you can certainly schedule an appointment with a radon mitigation expert to perform a radon test, but it's also possible to purchase your own radon test kit and test your home yourself. This is a great option for some homeowners not wanting to make an appointment or having to worry about a contractor. Be sure to let family members know about this in-home test, because it could save their lives. Simply review the basic testing instructions to ensure accurate results.

After Testing

Once you've tested your home, a lab will be responsible for sending you the results. If the test results come in above the Environmental Protection Agency's acceptable threshold of 4.0 pCi/L-- DON'T panic. This is when you have to contact an expert install a radon abatement system. An experienced radon contractor, like those affiliated with National Radon Defense, will design and install an effective system.

The whole radon abatement process is quite basic: A small fan attached to a network of plastic pipes sucks radon-rich air from the basement or crawl space and exhausts it to the outside of the house. Experienced radon contractors will know how many suction points are required, where they need to be located, and what size fan should be used.

If you haven't had your house tested for radon, don't put yourself or your family at risk any longer. A $20 test can save lives-- order one today.