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Radon Gas in Virginia Gets Exposed by Ginger Collins

Radon Gas in Virginia Gets Exposed by Ginger Collins - Image 1


In a friendly Virginia town, one family tells the story of how close to home this radon gas can hit.

A mother, friend, faithful churchgoer, and life role model, Ginger Collins, has fought a tough battle with lung cancer; only to die a month after learning the cause of this heinous disease—radon gas exposure.

Radon Comes from Where?

Radon originates in the soil and is released through the process of uranium decay. Once released with other toxins, radon can enter through tiny cracks and holes in a home's foundation. The radon proceeds to travel throughout the home, and depending upon the home’s sealing, the radon can either travel through and be released, or become trapped and condense within the home. In the latter, homeowners won't even know—as Ginger Collins' family can attest.

This gas is completely unrecognizable with human senses, so without a radon test, homeowners have no way of knowing their home is contaminated.

Radon Gas in Virginia

Unfortunately for Collins, the gas had already taken its first victim. But family members are determined to help spread the word throughout Virginia, a state that has fallen prey to the effects of budget cuts—radon budget cuts.

Virginia isn't alone. Maryland, Rhode Island and California have also been forced to lessen radon awareness said Angel Price, executive director of the National Environmental Health Association's radon program.

"The potential consequences are obvious," Price said. "The consumers, the public, are not getting the information that radon can kill you. ... A lot of people are taking the position that it's been around since the 1980s, so we've solved that problem."

In Virginia, a whopping 670 people a year are estimated to die from the effects of radon exposure.

“Radon was 'the one thing weighing on her heart’ until the day she died,’” said Collins’ daughter about her mother.

Collins' death can help save other Virginians. Contact Evergreen Basement Systems today for radon testing in Virginia. They are your local radon mitigation expert!