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Homemade Radon System Gains Student Recognition at International Engineering Fair

Friday, June 10th by Samantha Walton

I remember my science fair. I developed an automatic fish feeder. The most important part was a light timer that my family had always used when we went on vacation. It was awesome, to a sixth grader.

My little fish feeder may have put up a good fight, but there proved to be some pretty amazing participants in this year's Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in LA.

Amongst the many participants, one young lady stuck out with her homemade radon tester. Even at 16 years old, Lois Gagnon understands the importance of radon testing and brought attention not only to the importance of radon testing but also to the affects of radon exposure.

Gagnon won the American Association of Physics Teachers and Physics Society Award and was one of 14 students invited to have lunch with attending Nobel laureates. "And it works a lot faster than a lot of commercial radon tests," said Gagnon.

It's wonderful to hear about young people inventing products to test for radon.

With all the news about possible carcinogens, radon is a proven carcinogen and needs to be exposed!

Contact the experts at National Radon Defense for more information about radon testing and radon mitigation in your area.

More than 1,500 students from 443 affiliate fairs in 65 countries, regions and territories competed in 17 categories at the Los Angeles fair.