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Curt Drew: Radon Testing and Mitigation Expected to Increase During Winter Months


Radon Testing and Mitigation Expected to Increase During Winter Months - Image 1


Omaha, NE Curt Drew, president of National Radon Defense, anticipates an upheaval in radon testing and mitigation to follow the annual trends having been set in years past.

According to Drew, there are several reasons leading homeowners to take tests during the winter. From National Radon Awareness week in October, Radon Action Month in January, and the fact that people are in their homes more during the cooler months—homeowners want to protect their family and friends from the effects of radon.

“Homes are sealed up tight in the winter with the HVAC System working overtime.  Radon levels are also typically elevated as compared to other times of the year,” said Drew.

Prior years have shown the popularity of testing during the colder months.

“If you took a poll of the radon testing companies, they’d agree their most popular month for testing would be January, follow-ups in February, and mitigation in the spring from March through June,” said Drew.

While customers can buy radon test kits online through National Radon Defense, Drew encourages homeowners to take advantage of having an expert contractor perform the radon testing. Drew’s network uses a specialized monitor test- a highly reliable and reputable tool Drew’s experts all swear by.

Drew is the founder and president of National Radon Defense, a leader in the international arena of radon services. He is a trusted member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, Indoor Air Quality Association, National Environmental Health Association Radon Speakers Bureau, and a licensed radon mitigation specialist and radon measurement and mitigation specialist in Nebraska.
National Radon Defense (NRD) is a national network of business professionals who acknowledge the need for radon mitigation in America, and maintain the standards, qualifications, and functions of an extraordinarily successful radon business system. Members of this network are proven radon experts who build their radon businesses by utilizing an exclusive right to the National Radon Defense business system.