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Dr. Mercola Discusses the Presence of Radon Gas in Homes

Dr. Mercola Discusses the Presence of Radon Gas in Homes - Image 1

Dr. Mercola Discusses the Presence of Radon Gas in Homes

In a recent article, "Presence of Radon Gas in Your Home", Dr. Joseph Mercola addresses the risks of high levels of radon in homes across the country. Dr. Mercola has graduated from both the University of Illinois and the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, has served as the chairman of the department of family medicine at St. Alexius Hospital in Hoffman Estates, IL, and now has the world's number one natural health website.

According to Mercola, radon gas is a concern that should have everyone on the alert. There are three categories that help gauge the potential risk of radon exposure: the levels of radon in indoor environments, the amount of time spent in those environments, and whether smoking is a habit.

Regardless of being a smoker or non-smoker, says Mercola, both are at risk of developing cancer due to high levels of radon. However, those who smoke and are exposed to elevated levels of radon over a lifetime are more likely to develop cancer in life.

Regarding radon levels in a home, Dr. Mercola says that "Radon gas can be deadly and is present in nearly all the air we breathe. Testing is simple and inexpensive, so I strongly encourage you to investigate how much of this gas you and your family are exposed to and take the necessary steps to remediate the problem if the levels in your home are excessive."

The network of National Radon Defense contractors has the training and equipment to effectively detect and mitigate radon in homes across the United States. Regardless of the radon level in a home, these experts are determined to create healthy living conditions by educating homeowners about radon, so the problem doesn't keep increasing causing serious health in the future. It's important to determine if a home's radon levels are high before it's too late.

For more information about radon detection and mitigation, contact a local National Radon Defense contractor. These professionals show up on time for appointments, perform the work that they contract to do, and stand behind their warranties one hundred percent.