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Radon and Cancer?

Monday, September 24th by Mary Smith

More to worry about?… one more thing making us sick? One of the biggest risk factors for lung cancer is colorless, odorless and may be lurking in your home. This unsuspecting (monster) predator is called Radon.

What is this monster a.k.a Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas found most often in areas with a large amount of granite. Radon gas from natural sources can accumulate in buildings, especially in confined areas such as attics and basements. The soil under and around the house is by far the largest source of radon gas, but has also been found in well water, rock formation, building materials, public water supplies and outdoor air.

The United Nation's World Health Organization (WHO) says that radon is a worldwide health risk in homes. The greatest risk of radon exposure happens in buildings that are airtight, insufficiently ventilated, and has foundation leaks that allow air from the soil into basements and living spaces. It can build up in unventilated buildings and time and time again; it has been linked to lung cancer.

Is there a solution?

Radon Mitigation: A simple solution for a serious and sometimes deadly hazard. Reduce harmful radon levels with an EFFECTIVE radon abatement system.

The professionals at National Radon Defense (NRD) can help with this problem. NRD dealers are licensed with their respective state to perform radon mitigation at the industry standard, ensuring high-quality solutions to all customers. NRD extensively trains its dealers on how to properly install mitigation systems that successfully redirect radon from inside the home to the outdoors. You can breathe easier knowing your home is safe for your family.

What our customers have to say: “ I just received the results of the radon test conducted about a week after the mitigation system was installed. I couldn't believe the reading was so low. I am very pleased with the results,” John P. (Nebraska). “Great results! Our post mitigation reading was below 0.8 pCi/L. Now we can rest assured our basement air is safe to breathe! Technicians were both professional and knowledgeable, “ Bryan K. (Minnestoa).

We spend so much time, energy and resources trying to keep our homes and families safe, keep it safe from this monster called radon by contacting NRD.

National Radon Defense (NRD) is a member of the internationally renowned Basement Systems Inc, network.

For more information about radon and what you can do to minimize your risk: visit or call 1-888-913-6778