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Have You Tested Your Home for Radon This Winter?

Have You Tested Your Home for Radon This Winter? - Image 1

Have You Tested Your Home for Radon This Winter?

The cold season is upon us, which means homeowners will be closing their houses and cranking up their heat in order to keep themselves and their loved ones warm. During the colder months we want to keep the cold air out and the warm air in, right? Well, you may be trapping more than just heat inside your home. Unfortunately, there is a danger that lurks with closing up our homes - the risk of radon. Radon can put you and your family in danger. Radon exposure has become an increasing issue in many homes and has been found to be the second leading cause of lung cancer and the main cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. One very scary statistic is that the EPA has estimated that radon exposure is responsible for a whopping 21,000 deaths every year. That number alone is enough to scare any homeowner.


While we know that radon is dangerous, many of you are still asking – “what is radon exactly?” Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that is released from uranium in the soil under and around your home. This substance can easily enter your home through tiny cracks. If you use a water well, it is possible for radon to contaminate the water supply. Also, keep in mind that the levels of radon can vary from room to room or floor to floor in your home. Because it is undetectable, radon is known as a silent killer.

The good news is that your home can easily be tested for radon exposure. A radon level check or remedy can be performed. This is the absolute best method to assure that radon is not poisoning your home. The home test kits are remarkably simple to use, are inexpensive and can be found in any home improvement store. If test results show elevated levels of radon inside any area of your family's home, further action should be taken immediately. At this point, you should seek the help of a trained radon professional who can educate you on and install a radon mitigation system to immediately reduce the levels of radon in your home.


When it comes to radon, everyone is at risk. High levels of radon have been found all over the country. Taking steps to find out the status of radon in your home could be the most important preventative action you ever take. I am sure you would agree the health and safety of your loved ones is what's most important.

Contact National Radon Defense (NRD) today to find a radon mitigation specialist in your area or to schedule a radon test. All NRD dealers are licensed within their respective states to perform radon services.