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Do Not Be Scared of Your Home's Granite Countertops

Do Not Be Scared of Your Home\'s Granite Countertops - Image 1

Do Not Be Scared of Your Home's Granite Countertops

The beautiful decor and dependable durability of granite products have been two of the top reasons for granite becoming a favorite choice for kitchens in many homes. The recent popularity and demand for granite products has grown in the last few years, as well as the types of granite that are readily available for purchase. Of course, as always, leave it to rumors to ruin a good thing. In recent years, many rumors have been circulating about a health threat in homes with granite counter tops in their kitchens or other granite products in their home. The information is in regard to granite countertops emitting radiation and radon gas. Detractors of granite products claim they can prove it to be harmful to your health and that they can emit noxious gases.

If you have granite countertops in your home or business, check the facts first before you start to worry do not worry. Researchers have retracted most of these allegations against granite and deemed them as baseless. I am happy to report; it is very unlikely that granite countertops in your kitchen or any other area of your home would be the cause of any harm. Granite has not been proven to increase radon omissions. It is important to know that no current regulations exist that require radon testing be done in homes with granite counters or any other granite products.

Research has been done that clearly shows that actual levels of radon gas emissions. They represent no threat to the health and well-being of people who live in homes with granite countertops. Marble manufacturers have assured us that the granite radiation is not harmful. You can view these details about radon on the Environmental Protection Agency's website. Granite counter tops and products do possess an exceedingly small number of radioactive materials and uranium; however, the amount of the materials present in the countertops is certainly not harmful to people. Newspapers have been reporting that these false accusations of radon emission regarding granite countertops and products were started by rival countertop makers.

The EPA has claimed to have received several calls from concerned people who are curious to find out the potential danger posed by granite countertops. These people have heard rumors that their granite countertops emit radon above the ideal level, and they are concerned about the effects this might have on their family's health.

If you currently have beautiful granite decor in your home or were planning to upgrade your kitchen with a new granite countertop, there is no reason to fear granite products; however, if you are still concerned about elevated radon levels, test kits are available to check for the presence of radon gas above the EPA's recommended safe level. If you are still in doubt about the falsity of the rumors, contact your local radon mitigation expert. A professional radon inspector can also test the granite in your home to ensure that your home is safe and to provide you with peace of mind.