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President of National Radon Defense Announces Launch of New Company

President of National Radon Defense Announces Launch of New Company - Image 1

The Breathe EZ Air Company becomes its own company to market the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner

OMAHA, Nebraska (May 24, 2013) -- Curt Drew, president and owner of National Radon Defense is excited to announce the launch of a new business, the Breathe EZ Air Company. The Breathe EZ Air Company markets the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner, an electronic air filter system that is installed by authorized dealers into existing heating and air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality.

"Our customers have expressed to us for years that they want to improve their overall air quality, not just reduce radon levels. We have been researching technologies that would be an affordable solution to give our customers cleaner air in their homes," says Drew.

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is installed in a central, forced air HVAC system to treat the air as it circulates around a house through the duct work. Used for years in hospitals and laboratories, the technology is able to filter particles down to .007 microns. "It filters the large dust, so our customers' homes require less dusting, and it also filters very small particulates like viruses, chemicals, pet dander, pollen and many other indoor allergens."

There are other air cleaner options on the market that are very expensive and also consume a lot of energy to treat the air in homes. "Most people have a hard time justifying this type of purchase. The Breathe EZ is not only affordable, but can even help save money due to lower operating costs of an HVAC system," Drew remarked. "Because Breathe EZ has a small electrical current running through it that actively captures particulates, air flows freely through the filter putting less strain on the HVAC blower motor."

"I love that the Breathe EZ filters dust in my house way better than our other filter. Who likes to dust?," remarked Heather Thrasher. "Our son has asthma and is very sensitive to our indoor air. Breathe EZ is a great solution for our family."

It's now well known that Asthma cases in the UShave been rising at alarming rates. There are 750,000 new cases of Asthma every year in the US alone. "The trends show that indoor air quality in the US is getting worse due to tight, well insulated homes."


Breathe EZ Air Cleaner Filters Radon Too

"Our primary business is keeping our communities we serve across North America safe from the dangerous, lung cancer causing gas radon. We always want to lower radon levels as low as possible with a traditional radon mitigation system. It's the best solution. However, there is always going to be some level of radon in a home. That's why they call it radon "mitigation" not "remediation." Breathe EZ is a solution that can filter the remaining radon decay product (RDP) from the air. "Due to the proven performance of a study showing that Breathe EZ filters particulates down to .007 microns, we had a theory that we may be able to filter RDP," Drew says. "RDP is what actually causes lung cancer."

Radon decay product is the polonium and thoron that decays from radon. When inhaled into the lungs this RDP can mutate a DNA cell and cause a cancer cell. "When we install a radon mitigation system we reduce RDP by reducing radon. It works. But, consumers don't just want lower levels of radon, they want it gone!," Drew added.

Drew contracted with a third party laboratory called the Progeny Group from Colorado Springs, Colorado to see if the theory that Breathe EZ Air Cleaner could actually filter these very small RDP particles rang true. The study, which was completed in November 2012, proved not only that it reduces RDP, but in one case it reduced the RDP by 98 percent. "The results of this study have been incredible," says Drew. "Now we can install a filter to reduce allergens, chemicals, viruses, etc. and radon decay product. This is a huge value to our concerned homeowners."

National Radon Defense has seen the demand increase fast for this already growing product line. "The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner has taken on a life of its own. That's why we decided to spin off this product into its own company," says Drew. The National Radon Defense network of indoor air quality professionals are trained and ready to install systems in markets across North America. The Breathe EZ Company is also setting up dealers in markets that National Radon Defense does not serve.


National Radon Defense is an Indoor Air Quality Company

Breathe EZ Air Cleaner has sparked National Radon Defense's expansion into becoming a full service indoor air quality (IAQ) company. "We offer our customers full service indoor air quality solutions from complete IAQ testing to filtration, dehumidification, air treatment, and reintroducing conditioned fresh air into homes," Drew explained. National Radon Defense's holistic approach to indoor air quality separates them from other radon service companies.

"Our customers many times are testing for radon as a process of elimination to improve their air. We get calls from people with headaches, nausea and fatigue. They want to know if it may be caused by radon. Radon's only symptom is lung cancer. There are other issues in the home causing health problems," says Justin Jobe, Indoor Air Quality Specialist for Neighbor's Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Radon Services. Neighbor's has been a National Radon Defense dealer in Central Iowa since 2011. "We provide a whole host of solutions to help our customers enjoy their homes by breathing cleaner air. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner has been a great fit with our other IAQ solutions," says Jobe.

About National Radon Defense


National Radon Defense is an industry-leading network of elite radon testing and mitigation businesses servicing the United States and Canada. Founded in 2007 in Omaha, Nebraska, National Radon Defense's exclusive network ofisalers are expertly trained in the latest technologies to protect people from the Number 1 cause of lung cancer for non-smokers, radon gas. For more information about radon gas and the National Radon Defense network, visit their website at www.nationalradondefense.com.

About Breathe EZ Air Company


The Breathe EZ Air Company is the manufacturer of the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is sold through a network of authorized dealers that are recognized indoor air quality experts. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is a MERV 13-rated air cleaner that is installed easily into a central heating and air conditioning system to clean a home's air of allergens, particulates, odors, chemicals, and radon decay product. For more information on the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner, visit their website at www.breatheezair.com.