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New Nano-Cages Can Capture Radon

New NanoCages Can Capture Radon - Image 1

New Nano-Cages Can Capture Radon

Scientists in England have discovered a way to make a chemical trap with a nano-cage that can trap an individual atom of radon. Radon has been notoriously difficult to catch, along with other noble gases krypton and xenon. The gases have no smell, taste or color but are extremely dangerous. In the case of radon, exposure to the gas can cause lung cancer, killing more than 20,000 people in the United States each year.

Scientists are now looking at ways to use these nano-cages to monitor the air in homes or to capture the atoms to keep people safe. You can read about this innovative technology here.

Since this is not yet 100% proven, contact your local NRD professional for better ways to prevent radon exposure in your home.