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Illinois School Reports Radon Levels 8-times Greater than EPA Guidelines

Illinois School Reports Radon Levels 8-times Greater than EPA Guidelines

An elementary school in LeGrange, IL released radon test results that showed radon levels high above the Environmental ProtectionRadon gas can lead to lung cancer Agency's guidelines. Some classrooms in Pleasantdale Elementary were found to have radon levels more than eight times the EPA's recommended levels.

The EPA guidelines state that the safe amount of radon gas levels within a building is 4 pCi/L. One classroom recorded levels of 34.8 pCi/L, an office at 25.3 pCi/L and another classroom at 12.4, according to a report by NBC 5 Chicago.

Parents expressed great concern, as most of them kept their children home out of fear. Radon gas can cause harmful health effects, the most severe being lung cancer. It is estimated that radon is responsible for more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths annually.

The school board decided to evacuate the school until there are additional tests and treatment methods performed to ensure the safety of the children and staff.

Unhealthy levels of radon should be dealt with right away!

Because radon gas is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, testing is the only way to determine radon levels.

Radon gas problems within schools are usually treated by improving the ventilation, according to the EPA. However, sometimes improving the ventilation can worsen the problem, which is why it's important to have the issue analyzed by a professional radon contractor. 

When it comes to radon testing and removal, it's important to choose an experienced company to help. National Radon Defense is a trusted source for radon testing and radon mitigation.