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South Korea Establishes More Stringent Radon Laws

EPA Map of US Radon Zones

South Korea Establishes More Stringent Radon Laws

Because radon can be found virtually anywhere, the world at large is starting to act against radon gas and its cancer-causing effects. The World Health Organization has already named this radioactive substance a first-class carcinogen, and now, South Korea is taking measures to reduce the risk of radon for their population.

An article published in Korea Bizwire stated that while previously, officials only advised against radon, now specific laws are being put into place to ensure proper radon management and better resources for homeowners and businesses alike.

Some of the goals of this legislation include creating a radon map to help discover general areas of high radon concentration, and to conduct further research into radon levels in indoor air. In areas with high radon density, the governor will make radon management plans to eliminate the threat.

Knowing as much as possible about radon levels is the best way to fight it, and South Korea is headed in the right direction with their new laws. The U.S. has similar plans in place to protect our citizens against radon, such as the National Radon Action Plan.

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