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Why Is Radon Bad for Children?

Why Is Radon Bad for Children? - Image 1Why Is Radon Bad for Children?

Because of initiatives from organizations like the EPA, recent research has been focused on discovering the effects of radon in homes and on families. We know that radon is a silent killer, causing thousands of lung cancer fatalities every year. But does it affect certain members of the population disproportionately – and why?

A study conducted by biologist Mary Olson found that radon has a greater effect on women and children (read more about her findings here). However, scientists were struggling to understand why this might be the case.

Thanks to an article posted by the Michigan State University Extension, answers to these questions are beginning to come together. Children are more greatly impacted by radon because they take in more air than adults. They breathe more regularly, meaning that an adult and a child in the same radon-filled room will be subjected to various levels of radon gas radiation.

Read the entire article here.

While these findings are certainly worrisome for parents across the nation, there are several steps you can take to ensure your home is protected from radon. Scheduling a radon test and installing a radon mitigation system if levels are high is the surest way to avoid health hazards. And because radon is now receiving so much attention at state and national levels, some states are even requiring testing in daycares and schools to protect children from radon.

To discover more information about radon and the work of the EPA, you can visit their site here.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that your child will be safe from radon in these public spaces, but radon mitigation in a home is still up to the homeowner. If you’re concerned about radon in your home, schedule a test with your local National Radon Defense dealer today!