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Kentucky Schools Vote to Spend $500K on Radon Mitigation

Kentucky Schools Vote to Spend $500K on Radon Mitigation - Image 1

Kentucky Schools Vote to Spend $500K on Radon Mitigation

When a technical school in Fayette County, Kentucky was found to have radon levels ten times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency recommended level, all sixty-six (66) public schools in the area underwent radon testing in 2015. Of these, twenty-two (22) schools were found to have high radon levels. 

Some of these schools were able to reduce radon by updating their HVAC systems, but nine schools still had levels higher than the 4 picocuries/Liter(4pi/L) deemed safe by the EPA. The only way to resolve this situation is by installing a radon mitigation system in each school.

The Board of Education serving Fayette County has now voted to spend $571,000 on radon mitigation for these nine schools. Radon testing was previously not required in the district, only performed on a rotating basis. But considering these results, each school will now be tested every five years.

Radon is a radioactive gas caused by the breakdown of uranium found in our soil. Every property can experience vastly various levels of radon even within the same area, which is why some schools had much higher levels than others. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US after smoking. It was also recently discovered that children suffer more radon exposure than adults, making it even more crucial that these schools receive radon mitigation!

Because of the hard work of the EPA, federal and state organizations and homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of radon and are working to keep homes and public properties safe. Legislation is being created in many states to test daycares, schools, and public housing for radon, and stories like this one in Kentucky are sure to increase in number.


Kentucky Schools Vote to Spend $500K on Radon Mitigation - Image 2

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