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Grant in North Dakota will Educate Youth on Radon

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Health officials in Grand Forks, North Dakota, will develop a radon education program for area schools thanks to a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Reinvestment Fund. The $60,000 grant will allow a team of specialists to consult with experts and develop an education program to be used in Grand Forks schools.

The health officials are hopeful that if they teach kids about radon, they'll go home and encourage their parents to get a free radon test kit and check their homes for radon. North Dakota is known to have high levels of radon, but many people don't know about it. The educational program will hopefully be in schools within two years.

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is naturally produced in the earth, and many areas in North Dakota are at a naturally high risk. The only way to know if your home has radon in it is through testing.

If you're feeling under-educated about radon, National Radon Defense can help. We provide a wealth of information about radon and other indoor air quality issues, and we'd also be happy to answer any of your questions via email or phone. Contact your local NRD dealer today to learn more about testing and mitigation services for your home!