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Oregon Governor: Make Schools Test & Share Radon Results

Oregon Governor: Make Schools Test & Share Radon Results - Image 1

Oregon Governor: Make Schools Test & Share Radon Results


After public outcry when several Portland, Oregon schools tested positive for high levels of radon gas, the governor of Oregon is asking for changes.

Gov. Kate Brown is pushing for a "Healthy and Safe Facilities Plan" that would lay out plans to test schools for radon, lead and other chemicals. Under draft rules, districts would have until October 1 to send the Oregon Department of Education their plan. School districts would be required to test for radon and lead and make the results available to the public on a yearly basis. The plan would need to be updated whenever new buildings are acquired, leased, or used in any way as a school building. If schools didn't comply, they could lose state funding.

The draft rules say that school districts should follow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Oregon Health Authority recommendations on how often radon testing should take place.

In 2015, a bill was passed requiring schools to test for radon at least once every 10 years. Radon is a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas and radon exposure can cause lung cancer.

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