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Inmates Sue Prison for Radon Exposure

After long-term exposure to hazardous radon gas, inmates and employees at the Garner Correctional Institute in Garner, CT are choosing to sue the prison. Attorneys aiding in this class action lawsuit say that their clients may have contracted lung cancer and other ailments from the exposure.

The prison discovered radon levels were high back in 2014, after a federally mandated initiative to test radon levels in local schools prompted them to look into the prison facilities. Six radon mitigation systems were installed in October of that year; as was reported in the Oct. 2014 issue of the Connecticut Department or Correction newsletter.

As the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US behind smoking, the harmful effects of radon should certainly be taken seriously. Fortunately, federal and state government agencies are increasingly taking note of radon presence in public and private spaces and enforcing radon testing and mitigation policies. Hopefully, this means that other similar stories will decrease over time and all people can stay safe, whether in residential or commercial spaces.

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