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Is Your Company Missing a Golden Opportunity?

Thursday, October 19th by Stan Hawkins

Has your company hit a profit plateau within its current services and structure? Do you have highly motivated employees with little to challenge them for the future?  Would you like a service that differentiates you from your competition and gives back to your community and potentially saves citizens lives?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then adding Radon/Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services could be exactly the boost your company needs. 

 radon consultation1 in 15 Homes in North America have radon levels that are above the EPA recommended action level of 4pCi/l.  In many areas that ratio is as high as 6 in 10 homes. Almost every home or business has some form of IAQ issue (Temperature, Humidity, Allergens, Particulates, Chemicals, or Odors). Testing and mitigating homes and businesses is a profitable additional service that complements many home trade industries.  Our network is comprised of Basement Waterproofing, HVAC, Pest Control, Environmental services, Foundation Repair, Disaster Restorations, and Basement Remodeling companies across North America. 

Many of our network members love adding the additional service because it gives employees with management potential an opportunity to shine.  Keeping good employees can be a challenge in a company with little growth potential. It is a given that the best employees that don’t see an avenue for promotion and better pay will seek employment elsewhere, including moving to your competition.

Look at your competitor’s websites…do they offer radon/IAQ services?  By offering our additional service you will differentiate your company from your competition. Radon can drive more customers to your website, thereby increasing leads and the profit potential of your bread and butter services.  Radon/IAQ services isn’t limited to residential.  We have companies in the  National Radon Defense network that have completed some highly profitable large commercial jobs across North America.

Radon mitigation is a service that saves lives.  Talk to one survivor of radon induced lung cancer and you will feel good about providing the service and protecting the communities that you live and work in. 

If you would like to learn more about National Radon Defense and adding Radon/IAQ services to your business call or email;

Stan Hawkins, Dir. Of Business Development  

1-888-913-6778    [email protected]