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Radon Services: A Profitable Winter Diversification Business

Tuesday, November 28th by Stan Hawkins

So your business had a great summer and fall, the coffers are full, and your team feels accomplished.  But now it's winter and business has slowed. The appointment center's phones aren't ringing, your leads are drying up, and your production team has cleaned the trucks for the 3rd time this week.  Winter is in full bloom and now you are dipping into your coffers to pay your employees... 

If this even remotely describes your company then read on.


This scenario happens often in the HVAC industry and also with companies whose bread and butter services are at a New York City pace May through October and at rural Georgia sweet tea sipping pace in the winter.

Radon Services could hold the complementary lead source key to keep your business productive and profitable during the slow winter season.

January is RADON ACTION MONTH and with that comes an increase in awareness, testing, and mitigation work.  Due to this increase our local National Radon Defense Dealer will run 3 full time crews that will each have a production schedule of at least 2 radon systems a day at an average sale of $2,100.  If you are following the math that is over $60,000 per week at peak season.  Now grant it they have been in the network for several years and have worked up to that production number, but think how a winter revenue stream could transform your company and your employees.  You are in business for the long haul and while doing your strategic planning diversification of complementary services should get you attention.  National Radon Defense has over 50 dealers in North America and we have built a business in a box.  We save you time, money, and the headache from adding services to your growing company.  

Radon Services a Profitable Winter Diversification Business - Image 1


Isn't it about time you make Old Man Winter a friend to your company? Here are some reasons to DIVERSIFY with Radon Services:

1.  Quality Winter lead sources

2.  Attract and Gain new customers to introduce and offer all of your services to

3.  Great margins and high ROI

4.  Keep your employees gainfully employed with advancement opportunity

5.  Partner with the experts and launch a Radon Services division in a few short weeks


If you would like to learn more about National Radon Defense contact us today. 

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Stan Hawkins Dir. of Business Development