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The Why

Tuesday, July 3rd by Curt Drew

One of the most common missteps people make when approaching a new client or customer is to give them exactly what they ask for. Sound counterintuitive? Let me explain-

When you’re thinking about how to grow and develop your business, you probably have a thousand different things on your mind, not the least of which is a happy customer. Of course, it’s absolutely crucial to deliver the very best service, not just because a customer’s health is potentially impacted, but also in order to solidify and maintain an excellent reputation, as word of mouth spreads quickly (especially digitally) and directly affects your future opportunities. But what I mean when I say you shouldn’t simply give your customer exactly what they’re asking for is that if you haven’t had an in-depth conversation to assess the customer’s general situation, you haven’t gotten to the root of their needs.

While a lot of what we do in the radon and air-quality industry is varied and can be complex, this part of the puzzle isn’t rocket science. It’s about changing your mindset.

In order to gain a bigger foothold in your market and expand your business, you’ll need to switch from quoting a price to conducting a needs analysis. When a customer tells you they’re concerned about radon, clearly that’s something you’ll need to address. However, with the right kind of prompting questions and conversation, you can get at what motivates your client. What is it they’re most concerned about? What is motivating that concern? What other kinds of health issues are they worried about, what kinds of air quality issues do they have questions about? And, crucially, what kind of solutions can you develop and present in order to address those concerns? Of course that last part ties into how you’re diversifying your business to provide a range of premium air-quality solutions (a step you’ll have to take if you want to dominate your market). Once you start having these conversations, assessing clients’ needs and – as the professional – figuring out how to address them through a range of customized services, you’re following the National Radon Defense sales process.

Most of the time in the radon industry, we’re dealing with devices, readings, mechanics, installations… but the people part of this whole equation is where the heart of your business lies.

Figuring out the why of it all – why call a radon professional in the first place – puts you in a position to give customers the safety, security, and quality solutions that they really wanted all along.