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Who is National Radon Defense?

Thursday, August 16th by Curt Drew

Who is National Radon Defense? - Image 1

It's a simple question: who are we? The short answer is that National Radon Defense is an international network of leading radon professionals who strive every day to provide their local customers the best value in radon measurement and mitigation services. The real answer is a whole lot bigger.

As a dealership network providing a critical service that helps to prevent lung cancer and a variety of other air-quality-related health issues, we are fortunate. We are able to help safeguard homeowner's health while helping like-minded entrepreneurs across the country to build better, sustainable business that benefits their customers, their family, and ultimately their whole community.

As experts in the radon industry that comprise a large network, we are never alone when it comes to problem-solving. We are continually learning, absorbing new information, and adapting to new situations as they arise. Because of our emphasis on hands-on training and coaching, we help our dealers operate effective businesses. We stay on top of current trends, market fluctuations, technological developments, and industry training in order to keep our business owners on the cutting edge and achieving their goals. We care about helping each other sell more, run businesses better, and discover new lucrative opportunities.

As business owners, we are constantly developing better practices, more efficient and effective processes, and solid, targeted strategies. Because we care about being the best of the best, we also develop our own top-of-the-line radon and air-quality technologies that aren't available anywhere else. It's not enough to be good, we are focused on helping each other be great. It takes investment, dedication, and enthusiasm to grow a successful business in this industry, but we have all the elements to take that sort of person to the next level in business ownership. We succeed when you do.

There's so much to who we are at National Radon Defense. We're a resource, a network, a mindset. We are a premium provider, a life-changing service, a dealership network with all the benefits of a franchise at a fraction of the cost. We are learning, we are teaching, we are entrepreneurs. All of this, in three words: we are National Radon Defense.