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How Do I know If My Loved Ones Are in Danger of Radon?

A family laughing at home.

Testing for radon is imperative to keep your family happy and healthy.

February 14th is a great day to show your loved ones your appreciation by giving them flowers and chocolates. As a sign of love, why not go beyond the gift of flowers and chocolates this year and give the gift of a safe and healthy home. One way could be by testing your home for radon.

Radon is an invisible, tasteless, odorless gas that comes from the uranium in soil, rock, and water. This gas then finds its way into the air we breathe. You may have a higher chance of breathing it inside your home than anywhere else- especially if you spend most of your time there. Radon testing is the only way of knowing whether there are dangerous levels of radon in your home that could be affecting the health of you and your loved ones. In fact, one out of every 15 homes in the US tests positive for dangerous levels of radon.

Signs you're living with high radon levels

Though there are no physical signs of radon exposure, there are certain factors that could increase your exposure- such as where you live and unsealed cracks in or around the foundation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this Map of Radon Zones to identify areas in the U.S. for high indoor radon levels. It’s used to predict the radon potential for a specific area. Check out your state here.

Although the map is a good guideline to show where high levels of radon exposure may be, it truly doesn’t matter where your home is located, if it’s new or old, or unsealed or sealed- you could still have high radon levels in your home, which is why radon testing is imperative.

How to protect your loved ones from radon exposure

Family enjoying each others company.

Increased time spent at home is the main reason to check for radon in your home!

  1. Contact your local National Radon Defense dealer to schedule two quick meetings.
    • First meeting- set up the Continuous Radon Monitor (5 minutes), which is the most accurate short term device. A precise reading will be given in about 48 hours.
    • Second meeting- analyze reading of the monitor and discuss results (10-15 minutes) from the radon mitigation test.
  2. NRD Radon Specialist sets monitor in your home in the appropriate location for accurate results.
    • A specialist will explain proper testing procedures to ensure accurate results and answer any questions you may have about radon.
  3. Discussion of Results
    • Radon Measurement Specialist returns for the second meeting after a minimum of 48 hours after setting the monitor.
    • A specialist will show you the results and determine if your home is safe from radon or not.
  4. Come up with a permanent solution
    • Hire a radon mitigation contractor if the home has a high level of radon. Although DIY tests are a good option, they are not always 100% reliable. Your safest choice is to contact a radon mitigation specialist who can ensure your test will be more accurate.
    • If your home is radon free, come up with a plan to test for radon every 2 years (as recommended by EPA) or because of these other factors: during alternate seasons, moving into a lower floor of your home, after major home renovations, or when purchasing a new home. We can help set up that plan to keep you and your family safe by radon mitigation.

Protect your loved ones - test for radon!

Chocolates and flowers are great, but the gift of a healthy home is a gift that keeps on giving. National Radon Defense will give a free estimate on their radon mitigation services- no obligation. Choose us as your trusted radon contractors today!