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Sioux City falls within EPA's Zone 1 which is the "Highest Potential Zone" for radon risk. Because the zones reflect predicted average levels, the EPA recommends that ALL homes be tested, regardless of zone. (EPA.gov/radon)

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Your local radon testing and mitigation company in Sioux City, IA is Radon Defense Midwest

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Radon is considered a “silent killer” and can affect the air that we breathe. Over 20,000 Americans die of radon-related lung cancer each year. Below are a few serious side effects that may be noticed after radon reaches dangerous levels in your home.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Frequent infections like bronchitis

Most homes test for radon only when it becomes a noticeable issue, however, you should be testing for radon periodically to ensure the air you breathe is always safe. Your local radon testing & mitigation contractor in Sioux City will be able to detect such issues and offer you a free radon estimate.

Expert Radon Mitigation Service in Sioux City, IA

After making a radon test appointment with your local Sioux City contractor, we will determine if the level of radon detected is high enough to proceed with the process, which would be between 3-5pCi/L. Assuming that is the case, our radon mitigation solutions are designed to bring the radon down to a healthier level. One option is to eliminate radon by using the soil suction method. This method draws the radon from below the basement or crawl space floor and pushes it out into the outside air. Below are a few of our other systems and methods for removing radon.

  • Sealing
  • House/room pressurization
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Natural ventilation

Reliable Radon Testing in Sioux City

Although the ‘do it yourself’ kits can give accurate results, it is safer to take the chance with a professional to avoid possible false results. Without a professional assisting with your test, you could miss the dangerous levels of radon in your home. When it comes to your health, we want to provide the most trusted service possible. Contact your local radon testing dealer in Sioux City today to schedule your appointment. Our radon test takes only three steps, which include:

  • Step One- contact National radon Defense to schedule two meetings. The first meeting will allow the dealer to set up the Continuous Radon Monitor. The second meeting will be dedicated to analyzing the monitor data and results.
  • Step Two- A National Radon Defense Radon Specialist will place the monitor in your home. Our dealer will discuss the testing process and answer any questions you may have
  • Step Three- We will go over the results together 48 hours after the monitor was placed. After this meeting, you will know when your house is safe again

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If you believe you may have radon in the air, call to set up a free estimate on our radon services. Even if you aren’t 100% sure, it is best to have radon testing done to ensure your home is safe. Leave it up to National Radon Defense to keep you and the air you breathe safe. Protect your family and call to get your Sioux City home tested for radon today!

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