Before & After Photos

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Radon Mitigation - Vicksburg, MI

Below is a standard installation with our extended warranty. 

Radon Extraction Point - Galesburg, MI

This is a before/after of a radon extraction point. The fan located in the attic creates negative pressure under the concrete slab in the basement. The radon gas travels the path of least resistance up the PVC Pipe and vented outside above the roof. 

Schedule 40 PVC Piping Galesburg, MI

The before/after shows schedule 40 PVC vent pipe in the garage. This section of the mitigation system connects the extraction point in the basement to the fan located in the attic of the garage. This is an example of our interior aesthetic package. 

Radon Mitigation in Galesburg, MI

Standard radon mitigation with an exterior low voltage radon fan. This was completed for a Real Estate deal. 

Clean Space Vapor Barrier - Radon Mitigation in Richland, MI

This is an example of a dirt floor crawlspace. The before photo shows the dirt floor which is a main entry point for the radon gas. The second is the after photo after we installed drainage matting and 20 MIL Clean Space vapor barrier. This is sealed and connected to the radon system to create negative pressure under the barrier safely venting the radon gas outside of the home.

Total Before & After Sets: 62