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Radon Mitigation - Exterior Aesthetic Package

Sometimes when an exterior fan is needed our clients would like a better clean-cut look. In these circumstances our exterior aesthetic package comes into play. Our team installs a cover over the fan and runs the pipe through the soffit and vented through the roof. This helps blend the system with the house and gives it a better look than just a fan and wrapped around the gutter.

Radon Extraction Point in Richland, MI

Before and after photos detailing a radon reduction system recently installed in Richland, MI. 

Radon Mitigation - Portage, MI

See the before and after photo of a recent radon mitigation system we installed. It is a good example of an interior aesthetic package. We ran the piping to the garage, then up, and out. We ran all the piping through the shelves of the garage hiding it in the back corner. The fan was installed above and out of the way and vented through the roof.

Radon Job - Portage, MI

See the suction point and vent piping of a recent radon mitigation project. We used all schedule 40 piping high quality fasteners an ran it through to the garage and through the roof. 

Garage Radon Vent Pipe - Portage, MI

See the before and after of 3” schedule 40 PVC vent pipe our team recently installed. This pipe leads from the basement extraction point all the way to the radon fan located in the attic, then properly vented through the roof. This system is basically invisible from the outside and is an example of our interior aesthetic package.

Total Before & After Sets: 62