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Radon Mitigation System installed in Rising Sun, Maryland

Image an invisible, odorless gas that seeps through your house undetected and could potentially cause danger inside of your home. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Pictured here in Rising Sun, Maryland is an install of our radon mitigation system. This system effectively reduces the level of radon before it enters your home while improving your indoor air quality.

Your new home & your new radon mitigation system

Whenever you have just purchased or are about to purchase a new home it is a great idea to get tested and install a mitigation system as soon as possible.  Living with high levels of radon simply isn’t necessary.


We often are treating homes that are under contract or were recently purchased, and in some cases we can even do the install before you move in.


Radon and an open sump pump pit.

Radon and open sump pumps.


When inspecting a home for a possible install of a radon mitigation system one of the first things we look for are open penetrations and cracks that are in the basement or crawl area.  We want to make sure our pressure barrier (the walls and floor) are sealed as tight as possible so we don’t suck conditioned air from the home and/or make our mitigation system work harder than it needs to.


Along with any cracks and floor joints we ALWAYS make sure our sump pits are securely covered and sealed as you can see.


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