Providing Radon Services to Homeowners in St. Paul, MN

St. Paul falls within EPA's Zone 1 which is the "Highest Potential Zone" for radon risk. Because the zones reflect predicted average levels, the EPA recommends that ALL homes be tested, regardless of zone. (

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As a certified National Radon Defense dealer, our company only uses quality products and cutting-edge technology engineered to provide permanent radon protection for your home. Keep your family healthy and safe by letting National Radon Defense inspect your home and tailor a long-lasting, effective solution to your radon problem.

Professional Radon Testing and Mitigation in St. Paul

Radon is a natural gas that can be found almost anywhere in the soil. As radon leaks from the ground and into your home, many homeowners are left unaware because radon is both odorless and colorless. If there is enough radon in the soil, you may have a high level of radon in your home. The EPA states that 1 in every 15 homes has a dangerous amount of radon gas in it. It is because of these very reasons, that it is important to contact a professional to determine if you have radon in your home. After having a radon test done, your local National Radon Defense Contractor can help you bring your radon levels back down to a safe level. This is done by designing a custom radon mitigation system that is right for your home. 

Our radon mitigation services include:

  • Radon mitigation for residential homes, new construction & multi-family homes
  • Radon testing to determine radon levels
  • Indoor air testing & vapor intrusion mitigation
  • Energy recovery ventilators & dehumidifiers
  • Air duct cleaning

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It is a good idea to make sure that you and your family are safe by having your home tested for radon. If you haven't had a radon test before, or even if you haven't had one recently. As dangerous as radon is, many homeowners are completely unaware of the harm that they are exposing themselves to. Contact us online to schedule a free quote for a home radon test in St. Paul and nearby areas of .