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Radon Mitigation System, Jaffrey, NH

This homeowner in Jaffrey New Hampshire had purchased a newly constructed house. The home was built two years ago and had been tested for radon a few times in those two years. Design Specialist Kyle Jamerson came to the home and proposed that they install a radon mitigation system. Crew Lead Scott Crandall and his team came to the home to install the radon system. 

Radon Mitigation System, Marlborough, MA

A new homeowner in Marlborough, Massachusetts just purchased their home. A radon test was performed after purchase during the inspection process. The test indicated the levels are 4.3 pCi/L and they would like to reduce the radon in their home. Design Specialist Michael Biedrzycki went to the home to talk to the homeowner about their options. Scott Crandall his team then installed the radon mitigation system into the home.

Radon Mitigation System, Framingham, MA

David B. of Framingham, Massachusetts was experiencing radon levels that were too high. He called Erickson Foundation Solutions to come out for a free radon inspection. Design Specialist Chris Greenwood came to the home and inspected the basement and designed a radon mitigation system for David's home. 

Crew Lead Brandem Edwards and his team came to the home and installed a new Radon Mitigation System into the home.

Radon Mitigation System, New Ipswich, NH

Nhi T. of New Ipswich, New Hampshire was looking for a quote on radon mitigation for their newly built house. Nhi found out that the area they live in is high and radon and wanted to get the home tested. Nhi called Erickson Foundation Solution to see if they could come and install a new Radon Mitigation System. Design Specialist Kenny Calabrese came to the home and designed a custom Radon Mitigation System. 

Crew Lead Branden Edward and his team came to the home and installed the Radon Mitigation System.

Radon Mitigation System, West Townsend, MA

Henry A. of West Townsend, Massachusetts was experiencing higher than normal radon levels in his basement. He decided to call Erickson Foundation Solutions to see if someone could come out and test his home for radon. 

Design Specialist Jason Love came out to the home and tested the home for radon. The test came back at 9 pCi/L which is moderately high. 

Crew Lead Branden Edwards and his crew came to the home and installed a new Radon Mitigation System to the home.

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