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Advanced Basement Systems is the locally recognized National Radon Defense dealer in southwestern Ontario, Canada. They are home improvement experts committed to improving the health and habitability of a home through basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair. But what better way to improve the indoor environment than by specializing in radon testing and radon mitigation services in Ontario?

Radon is a silent killer. It enters buildings and infects the inhabitants. The Environmental Protection Agency has increased the importance of improving indoor air quality and has been taking the initiative to reduce the deaths caused by radon-induced lung cancer.

Advanced Basement Systems wants the same for all local Ontarians. Awareness is the most important step to living in a healthy home. Simply contact Advanced Basement Systems today and one of their specially trained radon specialists will inspect your home and test its radon levels. Upon receiving the results, you'll understand the best radon mitigation action plan.

Each radon abatement system is unique to the home because of the soil conditions (where radon originates), foundation type, and the home's sealing.

Want more information about radon mitigation in Ontario? Contact them today. They service Chatham, Windsor, London, ON and many nearby areas.

By Ruth W.
"Service team arrived when they said they would. Sent reminders of appointment."
By Krystle M.
"From the moment I called I was happy. The lady who answered the phone was my very first impression..."
By Brian
"Joel was right on time and explained the entire installation process as they proceeded ."
By Anonymous
"No suggestions. Very professional, courteous, and explained the entire process."
Mitch B.
Amherstburg, ON
My wife being a lung cancer survivor for four years really appreciates the peace of mind knowing the results that were achieved by installing the radon...
Jayme and Steve L.
Windsor, ON
After learning about Radon Gas from a friend, this Windsor couple decided it was time to invest in a Radon Mitigation System. See their rave review in this...
Advanced Basement Systems Before & After
  • Window Well Installation in Strattfordville, ON
    Window Well Installation in Strattfordville, ON

    Window Well Installation in Strattfordville, ON

    Problem:  Window wells are necessary to keep the structure around a window draining properly, keep water and debris away from the window and to improve egress.

    Solution: We installed window wells on all the basement windows of this home.

    Inspector: Rick

    Foreman: Justin

  • Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON
    Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON

    Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON

    Problem: This home's basement seeped water in and did not have an efficient sump pump. There was carpet directly on the concrete slab.

    Solution: We installed a perimeter footing drain, a sump pump system with our battery backup, Bright Wall panels behind the laundry sink and Everlast Finished Wall System around the bathroom. Thermal Dry tiles were put down to keep the floor warmer and dry!

    Inspector: Tom

    Foreman: Shawn

  • A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement
    A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement

    A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement

    Imagine never having to worry about your leaky basement again! Consider for a moment never worrying when it rains, the cleanup or the insurance hassles. And also imagine an inviting, clean, dry and usable space in your basement.

    These homeowners in Port Stanley were fed up with their leaky basement: the wrecked floors, the damaged drywall and the constant musty odour. We are so happy to have helped thousands of families solve their wet basement challenges!

  • Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON
    Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON

    Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON

    Problem: An unfinished cold storage area is a great place to store items to keep cool, such as canned food, even in the warm summer months. Although closed off from the rest of the house, if there’s water penetrating any area, it creates a damp, humid and unhealthy environment which affects the entire home in what is known as “The Stack Effect”.    

    Solution:  We installed a French drain system on the problem walls in the cold storage area, added a powerful sump pump with a battery backup for improved drainage and reliability and finished it off with our BrightWall® rigid basement wall system. Now this cold storage area is dry, heathy and will look fantastic for years to come.  

    Inspector:  Tom

    Foreman: Justin

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