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Sump System Install - Blenheim, ON

The customer wanted a closed sump pump system to better protect the home. Advanced Basement Systems use the Ultrasump System with the Zoeller M63 cast iron pump and a flat lid with a View port.

Closing and open sump pit

The open sump pit will add humidity to existing homes as water evaporates. Advanced Basement Systems will upgrade exiting older home with a closed liner pit to eliminate the evaporation issues in a basement.

New Battery Back up Sump System

Installed a new Zoeller sump system to replace the old open pit single sump design. Much cleaner and easy to maintain with the additional Sedoma Sani Dry  Dehumidifier for added home comfort.

Another neat and tidy job..

Another neat and tidy job by Advanced Basement Systems. We can take an older outdated sump pump system and provide the home owner a product that will enhance the protection of the home and be easily serviceable for years to come.

Finish or not finish?

The home owner had the basement finished and was using the space. Moisture was evident along the floor and lower walls of the finished materials. Advanced Basement Systems install the Water Guard system and new sump pump systems to dry out the basement and provide on going protection.