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Radon Testing for Multi-Family Homes

A number of Federal agencies have partnerered with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to launch the 2013 Advancing Healthy Housing Strategy which aims to improve housing conditions for Americans throughout the country. One of the big focuses of this strategy is radon, the silent killer. That's why this particular legislation requires radon testing in multifamily buildings condos, and apartments. If your multifamily housing receives HUD financing or re-financing then it requires radon testing, effective immediately.

While this might sound like a hassle, it doesn't have to be. Not only will radon testing help protect your residents, but it can also be done easily with the help of an experienced contractor. As a leading network of radon professionals, we can help pair you with a radon contractor you can trust.

Contact us today for more information about the new regulations and to locate your local National Radon Defense radont testing company.

What is required of the building owner?

Under HUD the owner or investor is required to make sure of at least four things:

  1. Compliance with testing mandates from HUD, state laws, and lender requirements.
  2. Make sure both radon testing and mitigation are performed according to protocol by a licensed and/or certified radon profesional.
  3. Notify residents prior to testing and both prior to and after any radon mitigation.
  4. Completion & submission of a Radon Report certification of completion once the radon testing and/or radon mitigation is complete.

Why does radon testing need to be done by a certified radon professional?

You might have noticed that the requirements above specifically require a licensed and/or certified radon professional. While most areas have a number of radon contractors, many of them are not certified and/or licensed. This requirement is designed to help ensure that your testing is done according to current, proven industry practices. Soemthing that is made even more important by the innate complexity of many multifamily residences. The good news though is that this also means you get to work with an experienced and professional contractor that can make the job quick, easy, and painless while providing reliable results.

Find your radon testing professional today!

If you own a multifamily residence then it is vital that you make sure the radon testing is done by radon professionals who you can trust to do the job right. That's why you'll want to reach out to us. We can help you contact a contractor that's part of the National Radon Defense network and an expert in radon testing.

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