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Passive Radon System Activation

Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to promote radon awareness in the 1980s, builders have been encouraged to incorporate radon mitigation systems into new houses as they're built. In fact, building codes in many areas require that passive radon systems be installed in new homes. A passive radon system contains the same network of plastic ventilation pipes as an active radon system, but does not utilize a fan to exhaust radon gas from beneath the foundation.

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Passive radon systems should be designed for activation

To prevent hazardous concentrations of radon gas from accumulating inside a house, it's necessary to provide pathways that can convey radon gas from the ground beneath the foundation to the outdoors. A passive radon mitigation system relies on a permeable gravel base beneath the basement or crawl space floor and a system of plastic pipes to transport air from the ground to the outside. But passive radon systems sometimes don't succeed in keeping indoor radon levels below the 4 pCi/l maximum recommended by the EPA. When this failure is detected in a radon test, the solution is to "activate" the passive system by adding a ventilation fan.

Radon fans should be professionally sized and installed

The installation of a radon fan will transform a passive radon system into an active radon system. Radon fans are special inline models that are designed to run continuously, doing so without consuming much power or making a lot of noise. Fan specifications need to be matched to the size and design of the radon system. It is a requirement to utilize a License Radon Contractor to activate a passive radon system. Your National Radon Defense dealer is trained and qualified to inspect the passive system and provide radon system activation to insure that it works.

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