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Radon Mitigation in Condos & Apartments

We supply complete radon services for apartments, condos and multifamily housing:

  • Radon inspection & testing
  • Free Estimates for radon mitigation
  • System design and consulting.
  • Radon mitigation for existing condos, apartment buildings and new construction
  • Passive mitigation system activation

New Federal requirements are designed to minimize the risks of radon exposure for condo and apartment dwellers

Helping to reduce hazardous radon gas in condos and apartments has long been a major goal of federal agencies such as the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, the Dept. of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Now these agencies have partnered with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to launch the 2013 Advancing Healthy Housing Strategy.

New requirements focus on radon testing and mitigation in different types of multifamily housing

A major initiative in this healthy home strategy focuses on radon testing and radon mitigation in apartment buildings, condos and multifamily housing. New requirements basically stipulate that multifamily housing that receives HUD financing or re-financing will require radon testing. If test results show radon concentration above the actionable level of 4 picocuries per liter, a radon mitigation system must be installed in the apartment or condominium.

Take action today! To comply with new federal regulations and make condos, apartments and multifamily housing safe from hazardous radon exposure, contact National Radon Defense to locate a licensed radon specialist in your area.

Radon testing and mitigation must be supervised by a certified radon professional

Radon in Apartments

Radon testing and mitigation in apartments and condos can save many families from dangerous health risks.

The new HUD healthy home requirements call for radon testing and radon mitigation to be supervised by a certified radon professional. This requirement is especially wise with regard to radon gas in apartments, condos and multifamily housing for several reasons:

  • Many people are affected by radon mitigation in condominiums and apartements. Because a single multi-unit building provides shelter for so many people, it's critical for a radon mitigation system to be designed and installed properly.
  • Large, complex foundations pose design and installation challenges. An unlicensed, inexperienced radon contractor probably won't have the manpower, equipment or knowledge to design and install a radon mitigation system in large buildings or building complexes. It's better to go with a licensed radon mitigation professional with experience with large-scale multifamily housing.
  • Access to quick, expert maintenance and repair is important. The radon mitigation system in a condo or apartment should be checked on an annual basis. You can depend on well-established radon mitigation professionals to be available now and in the future to answer maintenance and repair needs.

Contact us today for radon more information about radon testing and radon remediation.

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