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Clean Space Around the Sump Pit Install in Sac City, IA

This customer's radon gas mitigation system has an extraction point in their sump pump. In order to effectively vent the radon gas, we redirected the flow of air around the sump pit with the sump pump and installed clean space sealant around the sump pit extraction point to direct the radon gas into the extraction point in the sump of this home.

Crawlspace Transformation in Lakeside, IA

In order to guarantee radon levels under 4.0 pCi/L we need to seal any exposed dirt in the home, like in an crawlspace. We have encapsulated this crawlspace with 20 mil plastic to prevent anything from coming through.

Sump Pit Seal Upgrade in Falls City, NE

To mitigate radon gas from all entry points in a home, we have to take sumps into consideration. In this home, we installed a two extraction point radon mitigation system and added a new sump pit pump with a discharge line and a cover. We dug the sump pit lower so we could properly install the sump pump, put in a new discharge and seal the pit.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Auburn, NE

Since radon gas comes up into our homes through the soil, crawlspaces with exposed dirt need to be sealed off. This one in Auburn was a wrap with our 20 mil poly cleanspace to prevent radon from coming up into the home. 

Duct Cleaning vents, dirt and dust does not stand a chance

Here are some before and after pictures provided to us by Joe Miller, or professional duct cleaning expert.

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