Before & After Photos

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Sump Pit Extraction Surrounded by Heated Floors in Kingsley, IA

A radon mitigation system's extraction point typically goes through the concrete floor and beneath the property, but that wasn't an option for radon removal this time. Chuck's floors were poured with radiant heating elements so we couldn't drill through them. While there are a few options for an extraction point without drilling, we opted for a sump pit extraction point as a solution.

Exterior Fan Mount in Bennington, NE

For this Radon mitigation system, we secured the exterior fan onto the side of the home.

Exterior Exhaust Fan with Cover Aesthetic Package in Tekamah, NE

Featured here is our new modernized cover to protect the exhaust fan of the depressurization radon mitigation system, and make the aesthetic more visually appealing.

Duct cleaning at its best

Josh came in, took his time and made my home feel new! I can already tell a huge difference with my air quality. VERY happy with the work! Would give you guys a 10!

Older home with a lot of dirt and dust build up

Josh went out and took care of this awesome family in Lincoln, NE. He worked hard on making sure to create a healthier home for the family and they were thrilled with the results!

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