Before & After Photos

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Dog hair and dust no more!

Josh did an amazing job. He is a very friendly guy, with ambition to help others! Here are before and afters, no job too big or too small!

Encapsulation of a crawlspace. Dirty and dusty, to clean and tighty.

Lance and Cole tackled this crawlspace in Utica, Nebraska to provide a better air quality to the living space of the home. Using our Moisture barrier crawlspace encapsuation material, it has transformed this area into something so much healthier for the homeowner. 

Exterior Exhaust Fan Aesthetic Package in Crofton, NE

We installed a 2 extraction point depressurization radon mitigation system in this family's lake house in Crofton, NE with an exterior exhaust fan to pull the radon gas out from the house and discharge it outside.

Dryer Vent cleaning

With our highly trained staff and guarenteed equipment, no area is "too" dirty for us to clean. Check out the before and after of the Dryer Vent that Joe tackled.

Sealed Sump Pit Reduces Radon Gas in Grand Island, NE

When mitigating radon gas from the home, we look for every possible entry point. This customer had high radon levels in the home, and two exposed sump pits side by side. In order to seal the sump pits properly, we installed custom covers with the radon mitigation system in order to reduce the radon levels and make the home healthy.

Total Before & After Sets: 21