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Can Breathe EZ Air products prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Learn how effective the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner and Breathe EZ UVC Light are at killing viruses and filtering particles.

Thursday, March 12th

Speaking at the AARST International Radon Symposium™

I will be speaking at the AARST International Radon Symposium™

Thursday, September 27th

Who is National Radon Defense?

It's a simple question: who are we? The short answer is that National Radon Defense is an international network of leading radon professionals who strive every day to pro...

Thursday, August 16th

The Filter Factor

While depressurization is the most common and most effective solution to reduce radon levels, there are other technologies that can be used to further reduce your risk of...

Thursday, August 2nd

Learning how to put together and present value bundles does wonders for a company, especially in the radon industry. If you're interested in building your business the Na...

Thursday, July 19th

One of the most common missteps people make when approaching a new client or customer is to give them exactly what they ask for. Sound counterintuitive? Let me explain-

Tuesday, July 3rd

National Radon Defense President Curt Drew Helps Nebraska Pass Radon Law

Curt Drew testified in front of the legislature in favor of a bill to legislate radon-resistant construction in Nebraska.

Friday, June 23rd

Gov. Kate Brown announced that Oregon schools may soon be required to test for radon and share findings annually.

Friday, July 29th

Nebraska Senator Proposes Radon-Resistant New Construction Bill

Omaha Sen. Bob Krist proposed a bill that could help combat Nebraska's high radon levels. Curt Drew of National Radon Defense says Nebraska is at much higher risk than ot...

Friday, March 6th

Radon Mitigation Systems Temporary Clogging Due to Ice Jams

The issue of radon mitigation systems temporarily clogging due to ice forming on the vent pipe of the radon fan is very common in cold weather climates. The very nature ...

Monday, March 2nd

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